Got a Kickstarter that needs a push? I can help!

Well, there’s no way around it – producing audiobooks costs money. So sometimes authors create crowdfunding projects, (like a Kickstarter campaign), to raise funding for the production of the audiobook. But here’s the trick – the prospective narrator can help!

I was approached by author Frank Morin to record a sample for his Kickstarter: Bacon Master of the Apocalypse. I recorded a healthy sample of the book, so backers could hear a sample of the finished product. You can hear my sample here.

There’s something about audio that just makes the story real. Taking that magical step from the page to a voice in your head is exhilarating and very personal. It’s like the story becomes your own, and you are now a part of it. And with a Kickstarter, you can be a part of the magic!

As of this posting, there are only 10 days left, so hopefully this audio sample will be the shot in the arm we need to take this over the edge!

You can back the Bacon Master of the Apocalypse Kickstarter project here

You can hear my audio sample of Bacon Master of the Apocalypse here