Christina Rooney at the Utah Audiobook Narrators Conference 2022

by | Sep 6, 2022

Utah Audiobook Narrators Conference 2022

This year, our ragtag band of narrators in Utah brought in the amazing Christina Rooney, audiobook director for Penguin Random House and others. It was some of the best training I’ve ever had. Here are some of my takeaways:

  • Producers are hiring a mind, not a voice. They want to know how well you “get” the material. They want to hear exposition in your demos, for it demonstrates your mind.
  • Always know where the tension is in a scene. Where is the conflict? Where is the pull? It shouldn’t be just a series of events that happen – even in nonfiction.
  • When reading first person narratives, we need to hear the opinion come through in the narration.
  • Communicate the story that isn’t written down.

Many thanks, Christina! And a huge thanks to Emma Faye and Nancy Peterson for organizing such a fantastic conference!